If you are seeking some tips about healthy food choices, based in common sense, let us help. Food, or should I say, trends and news about food can be confusing. One day coffee is good for you, the next day it’s bad. One day eggs are the enemy, and the next day you are told to eat all you want – as long as they are “cage free…” No! Make that “eggs from PASTURED hens only!”

The same goes for nearly every food item (well, except maybe hot dogs and pizza. No one said those were good for you – only that they might TASTE good!).

What I would like to suggest is a common sense approach coupled with a large helping of “moderation.” If you eat junk food every day, you can well expect to gain weight, watch your blood pressure soar through the ceiling, and more detrimental effects. Is that to say you can NEVER EVER eat a hot dog or a hamburger again in your life? No. Unless it’s against your personal beliefs, then maybe treat yourself once in a while – or if your healthcare practitioner says they’re an absolute no-no for you. Of course that’s actually a matter for you and your healthcare practitioner to determine, based on your own needs.

We want to simply offer our own opinions and ideas here. Ok, time for me to get going on this project!